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    Fallon Mining Company, Inc. (FMC-NEVA) is a privately owned Nevada corporation formed in 1989 as a mining exploration and mineral research corporation. The Company was originally formed to acquire the mining rights on Federal mining claims located in the Forty Mile Desert area in Churchill County, Nevada which were held by a private group. FMC-NEVA has completed a comprehensive geological and coring program across its ore body, and has acquired privately owned, fee simple acreage in its ore body. FMC-NEVA is currently seeking capital through various financial markets to construct a major extraction and concentration facility utilizing new technology it developed for its specific ore.  

The information supplied in this web site is Confidential and historical in nature. This web site and the information supplied therein is for use only by the Company's private shareholders and not with an intention to solicit.

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Annual Report (FMC-NEVA is a private corporation. Therefore, its financial statements are private.)



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